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[7], Indre is divided into four natural regions; North Boischaut is undulating land with an altitude between 80 and 215 m (260 and 710 ft) and occupies the northeast of the department, South Boischaut is hilly and lies in the south and southeast, a marshy tract of land known as Brenne is in the southwestern part of the department, and the flat, dry, flinty limestone plateau of Champagne berrichonne is in the east and continues into Cher. Venez proposer également votre manifestation. [7], The economy is mostly agricultural. [4], A castle was built at Châteauroux in the late tenth century. La réflexion a été lancée ce mardi matin par les deux vice-présidents berrichons de la … Découvrez ce qui se passe dans le Cher et l'Indre. The Carolingian dynasty reached its peak with the crowning of Charlemagne and after his death in 814, it began to fragment. Due to its surface area of 6 343 km 2, it is the 31st largest department in the nation. Mettre en place une solution de mobilité collective innovante en milieu rural. Indre (French pronunciation: [ɛ̃dʁ] (listen); Occitan: Endre) is a department in central France named after the river Indre. The department is founded 4 March 1790, in accordance with the law of 22 December 1789. Page Officielle de la Délégation du Berry (Indre et Cher). Produits d’entretiens de votre piscine, accessoires, analyse détaillée de votre eau gratuite*, robots sont disponibles au sein du magasin à Saint Gervais La Foret. It is adjacent of these departments : the Eure-et-Loir, the Loiret, the Cher, the Indre, the Indre-et-Loire and the Sarthe. The inhabitants of the department are called the Loir-et-Chériens. In 869, the king of Middle Francia died without leaving a legitimate heir, and eventually part of that kingdom was added to West Francia to effectively form the medieval Kingdom of France. Par ce biais, nous intervenons sur le Loir-Et-Cher et l’Indre et Loire pour réaliser votre projet de piscine. Their capital was Avaricum (Bourges), and another important settlement was at Argenton-sur-Creuse. It is coextensive with the former province of Berry, which included the départements of Cher (roughly corresponding to Upper Berry) and Indre (Lower Berry). Indre is part of the current region of Centre-Val de Loire and is surrounded by the departments of Indre-et-Loire, Loir-et-Cher, Cher, Creuse, Vienne, and Haute-Vienne. Page Officielle de la Délégation du Berry (Indre et Cher). Enjeu. Eglise Catholique en Berry, département du Cher et de l'Indre. Page Officielle de la Délégation du Berry (Indre et Cher). AUTRES RÉPONSES POSSIBLES. Indre is one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution on 4 March 1790, by order of the National Constituent Assembly. Its prefecture is Blois. Cliquez sur la lettre par laquelle commence le nom recherché, sélectionnez le nom dans la liste déroulante et cliquez sur «Rechercher». Avec, trouvez les stations service les moins cher … Loir-et-Cher has an important number of historic châteaux, including the following: Department of France in Centre-Val de Loire, Current National Assembly Representatives, Arrondissements of the Loir-et-Cher department, Site sur la Population et les Limites Administratives de la France,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox settlement with bad settlement type, Articles with French-language sources (fr), Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz area identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 December 2020, at 17:24. Les kinés du Loir-et-Cher et d'Indre-et-Loire formés aux tests PCR Titre Publié le 26/09/2020 à 04:25 | Mis à jour le 26/09/2020 à 04:25 Départements et principales villes traversés : 8 personnes étaient ici. Mise à jour le 26/10/2018 . SELECTION BI-DEPARTEMENTALE CHER et INDRE ATTENTION MODIFICATION RDV: 09h45 directement au CTR Châteauroux Sélection Bi-départementale Cher et IndreRassemblement Interdistricts du Lundi 26 Octobre 2020 - CTR Châteauroux It was originally called "Château Raoul", the present day château which now houses the préfecture being built on the site of a castle constructed in the tenth century by Raoul le Large, lord of Déols. [10] However, some cities and canton capitals disagreed, such as Tours and Orleans. Au travers des actions déployées par les Agences de Développement Touristiques (Ad2T à Bourges et ADTI à Châteauroux), elle favorise le développement du tourisme. The highest point of the department is near the town of Pouligny-Notre-Dame where the land rises to 459 m (1,506 ft) above sea level. …and cultural region encompassing the Indre and Cher départements in the Centre région of central France. [6], The area of the department is 5,880 km2 (2,270 sq mi) and it is some 100 km (62 mi) from north to south and some 90 km (56 mi) wide. From 1612 to 1736 it was a duchy of the House of Condé and from 1742 to 1744 was under the control of the Marquise de la Tournelle. Most of the department is relatively level plains in the broad Loire Valley. 16 avenue Patureau-Francoeur . Located on the boundaries of the Perche, the Beauce, the Sologne and the Touraine, it finds its territorial identity in the diversity of its geography and its landscapes. Its name is originated from two rivers which cross it, the Loir in its northern part and the Cher in its southern part. It is a tributary of the Loire, joining it at Chinon in the neighbouring department of Loir-et-Cher. Inside of the department, Montrichard turns to Amboise and Tours, Saint-Aignan wants to turn to the Berry and Salbris to Vierzon. The line of the river Loire traverses the land, ensuring easy communication between its own capital, Blois, and the vibrant cultural and commercial centres of Tours to the west and the fringes of the Seine-Paris basin at Orléans to the east. En mai 2008, elle ouvre un magasin dans le Loir-et-Cher, à Noyers-sur-Cher. 8 personnes étaient ici. 16 rue Jean-Baffier 18000 - BOURGES . In the artistic domain, there is the compositor Antoine Boesset (1587–1643), musician in the Louis XII[1] de France's court, who was the head of the Music of the King's Bedroom from 1623 to 1643. La recherche se fait avec le nom de l'époux ou de l'épouse. In 1497, Louis d’Orleans (23rd count hereditary of Blois) was crowned with the name of Louis XII. In 1576 and 1588, the General Estates convened in Blois. The land is undulating and slopes gently towards the northwest. Indre-et-Loire is part of the Centre-Val de Loire region. Téléphone. Cher et indre Le Loir-et-Cher et l'Eure-et-Loir atteignent le seuil d'alert . Chambre interdépartementale des notaires du Cher et de l'Indre. At this time, kings and important financiers competed to build castles and elegant abodes which are today an important part of the French national heritage due to their quantity, significance, and worth. (Chambord, Blois, Cheverny and so on.). It has an area of 6,126.7 km 2 (2,366 sq mi). 9 were here. The capital and largest town in the department is Châteauroux. Media related to Indre (department) at Wikimedia Commons, This article is about the French department. The department's constriction in its centre and the maximum stretching out in its surface area beyond the Loir on the North and the Cher on the South is due to these tribulations. There is also a linen industry as well as the manufacture of hosiery and paper. The INSEE and La Poste gave it the number 41. The economy is quite flourishing: there are shops in valley, and agriculture is prominent in the region of the Beauce and the Perche to the Sologne which were prosperous until the 17th century. Le dépouillement des registres de mariages et de décès effectué sur les communes du Cher, de l'Indre et du Loir et Cher est à votre disposition gratuitement. dans le Loir-et-Cher et l'Indre-et-Loire Créée en 2001 , sous le nom propre de Frédéric Besnard , l'entreprise évolue en février 2007 pour devenir la SARL DOMELIS . Deux personnes ont trouvé la mort lors d'une sortie de route, tout près de l'Indre, ce dimanche 8 novembre, à Massay (Cher), sur la RD75. The poet Pierre de Ronsard, the inventor Denis Papin, and the historian Augustin Thierry come from here. Les préfectures de l'Indre et du Cher ont toutes deux pris des dérogations à la règle du repos dominical. Découvrez les bonnes réponses, synonymes et autres types d'aide pour résoudre chaque puzzle. [3], Before the Roman conquest, the Celtic Bituriges tribe occupied an area that included Indre, Cher, and part of Limousin. After the victory of the Coalises during the Waterloo's battle (18 June 1815), the Prussian's troops occupied the department from June 1815 to November 1818. Samedi 28 novembre 2020 à 13:25 - Par Laurine Benjebria, France Bleu Berry. Lorsque vous avez trouvé le mariage vous concernant, cliquez sur «fiche». Finally, Orleans gives Blois an important part of the Sologne except Beaugency and Tours doesn't give Amboise. The Indre department has two villages which have been classified among the most beautiful villages of France: Saint-Benoît-du-Sault and Gargilesse-Dampierre. [5], Indre is a department in central France and is part of the region of Centre-Val de Loire. De 367,8 km de longueur1, le Cher prend sa source (altitude 714 m) à Mérinchal, dans le département de la Creuse, dans le Massif central, et se jette dans la Loire à Villandry (altitude 40 m) dans le département d'Indre-et-Loire. In 1989, American-based animators Andreas Deja, Glen Keane, and Tom Sito, and draftsmen Jean Gillmore, Thom Enriquez, and Hans Bacher launched an expedition to the chateau to do their research for the animated adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast". From this time, the Franks controlled most of Gaul and the Carolingian Empire was the last stage of their rule. partages Fusionner l'Indre et le Cher en un seul et même département : le Berry. For other uses, see, Department in Centre-Val de Loire, France, Current National Assembly Representatives, Site sur la Population et les Limites Administratives de la France,, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica with Wikisource reference, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Occitan (post 1500)-language text, Articles with French-language sources (fr), Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 December 2020, at 22:16. Imprimer Envoyer par mail Voir sur la carte Signaler une erreur Modifier ma fiche Nouvelle recherche Retour à la fiche. [6] The department is made up of 680,910 ha (1,682,600 acres) of land of which 401,535 ha (992,210 acres) are under arable cropping, 85,305 ha (210,790 acres) are grassland, 67,423 ha (166,610 acres) are woodland, 18,110 ha (44,800 acres) are under grapes and 18,273 ha (45,150 acres) are gardens and orchards. An axe lively and dynamic, brings Blois closer (the department's administrative center) of the both tall urban conglomerations near it: Orleans and Tours. Indre is part of the current region of Centre-Val de Loire and is surrounded by the departments of Indre-et-Loire, Loir-et-Cher, Cher, Creuse, Vienne, and Haute-Vienne. Vous pouvez le consulter facilement à l'aide d'une liste déroulante. Quatrième dimanche de l'Avent, quatrième catéchèse de notre archevêque, Mgr Jérôme Beau. Dates: Lundi 26 et Mardi 27 Octobre 2020 Lieu: CTR Châteauroux - route de Velles - 36000 Châteauroux Pour les joueurs de l'Indre, se rendre directement au CTR de Châteauroux, le RDV est fixé à 09h45. Les solutions pour INDRE ET CHER de mots fléchés et mots croisés. In 1188 the castle was held by Philippe Auguste who was concerned in protecting the drapery business centred in the town and along the banks of the River Indre from fraud. Bus & car. The Loir-et-Cher's department is a part of the Centre Region. BTP CFA Indre et Cher. [7] The Creuse, a tributary of the Vienne, is 264 kilometres (164 mi) long and has been impounded in several places; at the time it was built in 1926, the Eguzon Dam was the largest dam in Europe. The Carolingian territories were divided into three sections in 843 at the Treaty of Verdun, and the area that is now the department of Indre, became part of West Francia. Following the collapse of the Roman Empire in the West, the Frankish tribes living in Gaul were united under the Merovingians, and succeeded in conquering most of the country in the sixth century AD. Other well-known people are also associated with this department, such as François the First, Gaston d’Orleans, the Marshall Maunoury, and the abbot Gregoire (Bishop of Blois, elected at the Constituante). Proposer un service de qualité économique, écologique et pratique. It is adjacent of these departments : the Eure-et-Loir, the Loiret, the Cher, the Indre, the Indre-et-Loire and the Sarthe. 4ème dimanche de l'Avent - Mgr Beau. Berry Province est une marque partagée, co-propriété des Départements de l'Indre, du Cher et de la Région Centre-Val de Loire. Adresse : Cité administrative Boulevard Georges Sand 36000 CHATEAUROUX . The department of Loir-et-Cher covers a territory which had a substantial population during the prehistoric period. Cher. Vous partez à la découverte d'Amboise, de Chenonceaux, de Loches, de Montbazon et de Langeais par les chemins bordant les affluents de la Loire. Retrouvez des manifestations pour sortir près de chez vous. The department was created from parts of the former provinces of Berry,[2] Orléanais, La Marche and Touraine. ISSOUDUN. The inhabitants of the department are called Indriens. The President of the General Council is Louis Pinton of the Union for a Popular Movement. La campagne est appuyée par des collectivités territoriales. Its main rivers are the Loire, on which its prefecture (capital) Blois is situated, the Loir and the Cher. L'Indre s'étend sur une superficie de 6 791 km2 et il forme avec le Cher, son département voisin, le Berry. However, politically, the region remained quartered between the neighboring earldoms and duchies . Unité Interdépartementale du Cher et de l’Indre de la Direction Régionale de l’Environnement, de l’Aménagement et du Logement Centre-Val de Loire . Décès du Loir et Cher. LEBLANC. Due to its surface area of 6 343 km2, it is the 31st largest department in the nation. Cher et Indre - France Un service de mobilité interurbain souple et accessible en milieu rural. The préfecture (capital) is Châteauroux and there are three subpréfectures at Le Blanc, La Châtre and Issoudun. 36000 CHATEAUROUX. Châteauroux, the capital of the department, is a historic town. [2] The new departments were to be uniformly administered and approximately equal in size and population to one another. However it was not until the Middle Ages that local inhabitants built various castles and other fortifications to enable them to withstand a series of invasions of Normans, Bourguignons, the English and others. Cut in its middle by the Loire, it shows an image of balance and diversity. [8] The Claise is 88 kilometres (55 mi) long and is a tributary of the Creuse. Pour les joueurs du Cher qui peuvent se rendre directement au CTR de Châteauroux, le RDV est fixé à 09h45. The Loir-et-Cher's birth as a department was very difficult and laborious. Loir-et-Cher (French pronunciation: ​[lwaʁ e ʃɛʁ], /lwɑːr eɪ ʃɛər/) is a department in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France. The Indre is a longer waterway and flows centrally through the department from south to north, through the major towns of La Châtre, Châteauroux and Loches. La pêche et la chasse à nouveau autorisées dans le Cher et l'Indre, mais sous conditions. Adjacent departments are Eure-et-Loir to the north, Loiret to the north-east, Cher to the south-east, Indre to the south, Indre-et-Loire to the south-west, and Sarthe to the west. Vous trouverez ici les informations relatives aux différentes CPTS mises en place en Région Centre Val de Loire. Trouvez votre Voiture d'occasion dans l'Indre (36) parmi nos 183 annonces gratuites de véhicules de particuliers et pros sur The main rivers are the Creuse, the Claise and the Indre. The Loir-et-Cher's department is a part of the Centre Region. Arpentez l'un des plus denses réseaux cyclables de France le temps d'un séjour et découvrez le patrimoine historique et naturel de l'Indre, du Cher et … After that, there were religious wars which were extremely ferocious under Charles IX's reign. Retour à la liste. ( to learn more about it, go on to "France’s occupation at the end of the First Empire"). Prix des carburants et essence dans le département 36 (Indre) par ordre des stations qui ont mis à jour leurs prix. The area then became part of Roman Gaul after its conquest by Julius Caesar around 58 BC, and enjoyed a period of stability. L’Orléanais, le Berry, la Touraine, le Perche et le Maine occupied le Loir-et-Cher and its provinces in 1970. It is constituted of some old provinces of the Orleanais and of the Touraine along with a Berry's plot (left bank of the Selles en Berry's Cher which becomes Selles sur Cher, to Saint-Aignan). Dans l'Indre, les commerces peuvent accueillir des clients, dans le … On 29 September 1789, the constitution's advisory board made a report in which he wanted to attribute one of the 80 departments to Blois. The department has some minerals in the form of coal, iron, stone, marble and clay.[7]. Loir-et-Cher is a part of the modern region of Centre-Val de Loire. The department comprises 6,314 km2, which makes it the 31st largest of the French departments in terms of area. Le 29 mai 2018, Habitat et Humanisme Cher et Indre a inauguré l’Hôtel de Linières, en présence de Bernard Devert, président fondateur d’Habitat et Humanisme. The préfecture (capital) is Châteauroux and there are three subpréfectures at Le Blanc, La Châtre and Issoudun. Dans l'Indre et le Cher, le taux d'incidence (nombre de personnes testées positives pour 100 000 habitants) a atteint le seuil de vigilance fixé à 10 personnes testés positives pour 100 000.. In 1397, the House of Orleans became the possession of the Comté of Blois. It was the beginning of the importance of Blois and of the Blaisois in the politic life of the French, impressive especially under the last Valois. Indre is a department in central France named after the river Indre. In the eleventh century, the lords of Châteauroux were powerful in the region; their "principality" covered two thirds of the current Department of Indre and they had their own coinage. To the north of Indre lies Loir-et-Cher, to the east Cher, to the south lies Creuse and Haute-Vienne, to the southwest lies Vienne, and to the northwest lies Indre-et-Loire. The remaining land is heathland, urban land and waterways.

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